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Technical Skills

  • Novice Level:

    • C# with Visual Studio IDE • ASP.NET MVC • MS SQL / T-SQL • JavaScript • HTML/HTML5 • CSS • Bootstrap • ENTITY FRAMEWORK • GIT/GITHUB • UNITY3D

  • Intermediate Level:

    Still a novice, but working on it...

  • Advance Level:

    Still a novice, but working on it...

  • Master Level:

    Still a novice, but working on it...

Soft Skills

  • • People skills: Extensive background in Customer Service, I also enjoy working in a team or by myself and have great communication.

  • • Computer Skills: Keyboarding, great at using google for researching, utilizing technology.

  • • Time management: Creating and keeping deadlines, goals setting and meeting goals, productivity.

  • Education

    • Associate of Applied Science Degree

      AAS Degree in Applications Development From Renton Technical College (4.0 GPA)

    Work History

    • Pho Mililani (Pho 25)

      Full Stack Restaurant Employee;
      January 2007 – October 2015

    • Seattle Shirt Company

      Retail and Warehouse;
      July 2015 – Dec 2016

    • Home Depot

      Freight Team Associate;
      April 2016 – Sept 2016

    • Looking for my first Web Developer Job:

      This Could Be You =D

    • About Me


      Hello, I am currently a student obtaining my AAS from Renton Technical College on Applications Development (Degree date of completion is August, 2019). My courses included technologies in the Microsoft Stack, C#, Win Forms, ASP.NET MVC, MSSQL, JavaScript, Html, CSS, Entity Framework, Git/GitHub. One basic data structures and algorithm course. I have an interest in Web/Software/App Development, Game Industry, and the AI Industry. I also like to dabble in branding and marketing but don’t have any academic experience in it. I enjoy working in a team as well as by myself when it is allowed. I enjoy all things technology and mother nature.

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  • Jason Lam
    Seattle, Washington

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